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Our primary aim is to facilitate contact between people looking for a job and career opportunities and their future employers.

Alias’s easy-to-use internet portal gives job-seekers the best possible chance of finding their ideal position.
By signing up with Alias, candidates increase their visibility on the employment market and choose the best option for getting ahead.
Alias provides a simple way for candidates to get themselves out there, in all confidentiality, and manage their career effectively.
Alias supports candidates by offering them services and advice, aimed at allowing them to make the most of their skills and abilities and identify what really motivates them.

Alias supports employers in recruiting staff members, whatever their sector of activity, and provides a simplified tool to help them save time.
With a single click, employers can see essential information and quickly select the most suitable profiles, according to their requirements.
Alias speeds up the process of bringing potential candidates and employees together but is not involved in the decision making.

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